What it means for a woman to show up as an artist

Today I understood what it means for a WOMAN to show up in the world with her art and her gifts.
I was talking to a dear friend, who is an amazing singer and songwriter, creating the most beautiful music and is still feeling unheard and unseen and fighting hard and most for all quite alone to bring her incredible talents out into the world.
(No names, but you will see her rise ✨)

We can be the greatest artists, create the most amazing things, have the greatest ideas, but when we are not able to step out and share this with the world, being ALL WE ARE, allowing all the shadows to be around us – including all the pain we went trough, to arrive here, all the dust and fogs, we have gone throuh and all the dirt, that inspired us to grow, –
If we try to fit into the clean and small frame that society has provided for women in media (if at all), if we are running after a picture of ourselves, that is conditioning our bodies and minds and if I am not allowing myself to at least BELIEVE, that it is POSSIBLE for THE HIGHEST VERSION OF MYSELF to live and BE REALISED here on earth, to walk her talk, to be fully be alive and embody this fantastic unique soulprint that I am, – celebrated by my sisters, hold, supported and loved from the mothers, seen and proudly supported by the fathers and brothers –
then how can I allow myself to become her?
Reflecting the power of some great female artists who dared to be fully themselves, I can see, its those, who did not fit in – its those who stepped over borders, who could not accept the given norm, because the size of the norm was simply to small for her. (maybe to boring, to sad, to grey or to lonesome – fill in what comes into your mind !)
We must trust our art, our poems, our dances and the music that lives inside of us, that they are not only showing us the way, but also to those who are recieving it!
The beauty, love, wisdom and art we are here to share is the wayshower – its not the other way around. Its not us who finally fit in, and then we are allowed to rise. NO!
It is the other way around. We need to give ourselves permission to fully be who we are and we need to allow the world to step into the same greatness ! To follow us and to recognize its beauty and greatness in us. (this is huge -because the world seems not to be ready – and you are right its not – but we have to go there anyway and trust, that yes, it can transform!)

And yes its hard, if we have experienced to be not supported, not seen, not even understood in the brilliance of our minds, or the beauty of our words. The uniqueness of our personal and very own expression.
Have we ever been told, how great we are ? Not so much.
Have we been supported from childhood on, to step out courageously ? Have our hands and hearts been hold and encouraged not to give up ?
Or have most of us tried hard to keep the tiny rest of our great visions, feelings and expressions alive, so at least we do not die from not expressing all this creativity, joy, this humor, these words, songs, this rythm, this body, that wants to move ?
And when we did show up- then we have been confronted with all these expectations of how a women has to look, sound, taste and be. How then, if we are such a superspecial uniquorn, could we learn, that we are welcome and celebrated and invited, that we MUST develop these gifts ?

So please – lets stop to adapt to every picture of a women, that has been here before. Lets stop copying the 5 icons, that exist already and invent new narratives of amazing women, THAT ARE US!
I am here to support this. I am here to help creating a new field of arts, in which we feel free and grounded and we allow our inner artists to show up and create new empowering networks, in which we rise together so we can step into the world and co-create the change that is so highly needed – NOW. More then ever. We need to keep each other up. WE need to pray together. And we need to show the ways, how to live in peace and human greatness with our hearts wide wide open and vulnerable ❤️❤️❤️

I was wondering all the time, how we could continue posting on Facebook and doing business and staff – now I slowly get it. Yes, we women must continue to step out, to offer, to share to show up here, as long as this is the place in which we are able to do it – We use every place to show up that we can. We need to empower and show up for each other as much as we can. So we feel not alone, but together, not judged, but supported and so we can find those we need to co-create with, heal with and learn from.
I love you.
With all the heartbreaking terror, that is going on right now, we need the spirit of songs and play more then ever, every playful soul-movement that connects us to our divinity and community is so precious. Love love love. Tons of love to us