Connect with your inner Artist,
your Genious
 Power,  your Joy,
your fully alive Expression
a community of creative fellow Artists

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Monkey Wisdom


ArtCamp Nr. I:
Der Eisbrecher-Kurs

 Sei du selbst vor der Kamera

Enjoy being yourself on camera and
Produce videos you really like!
This is a workshop you will love, if you are looking for guidance on how to use videos  to step out with your offers, your gifts, your ideas and your message on social media,
but you have  little  or no experience with video and it just makes you feel frozen and stiff.

You love a playful approach, are ready to go and
would be so happy to produce first material !

Here is your course:
3 x 3 hours =  330.-
 Plus one personal 1:1 Session with me =440.-
Plus  two  personal Sessions with me = 550.-

this is an online offer,
its also possible to book a live – sessions 1:1 or in a small group-setting in Hamburg, Germany.

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 mail  me to connect ! 




ArtCamp Nr. II
Sisters in Arts: Magic Mix !

This  workshop is for you, if you would love to connect and play with  others, get inspired to express in new and ways and produce  surprisingly new formats  in concretion. No – Pressure guarantee!

2 x 3 hours on 2 Friday afternoons  110.-  euro

Meet other fantastic female artists and co-create surprising expression surprisingly  fast!


  Everything is possible if you allow it to surprise You !









! WAOW: The very first Monkey-Club is on Sunday 20. 2. 2022 !
More info

Hang out with Katharina&theMonkeys and open up to endless surprises, vulnerability and Monkey-Wisdom. 
No written script, No guarantees, no safety,!
One hour of pure and innocent Monkey-wisdom 
and loving flow.
Bring your own animal !

This hour is absolutely priceless,
but we arranged with the monkeys, that you can enter with a donation like
11.-/22.-/33.-/44.- or 55.- Euro : )

Send a email, with your payment-confirmation and recieve the link ♥ 

Monkey-Club will be held on Zoom on every 3. Sunday of the month!
We will meet in a familiar atmosphere and play along with what is coming up.

More info

I wanna be on the list for the next MONKEY-Club ! 
Send me a mail !



for more information
contact me directly
or check

the rich artist Services 



Katharina Oberlik

Ochsenwerder Kirchendeich 16
21037 Hamburg
+49 (0) 162 – 630 23 13

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