The Monkey-Club is a special meeting for a group of people committed to play and open for surprises.
Special times need special events. We can’t go on in this separation, fear and loneliness- mode.
We urgently need spaces in which we can listen to  the nature and animal world,  share our true selves and feel heard, seen and loved. The Monkeys offer a place of togetherness, monkey-wisdom and pure expression, which is beyond control. Join the Monkey-Club to be in a safe space with other magical beings and enjoy an hour of unpredictable togetherness. You can bring your own animal-friend !


  Katharina & the Monkeys


The MONKEY can be created by anyone.
The MONKEY-Club is for you, 

If you  love animals , maybe even more then humans and wonder, why we are not listening to our true nature more.
If you love monkeys and are not afraid to talk to them.
If you miss joy and surprise and are kind of tired only talking to humans.
If you have a bunch of animal friends at home that would love to communicate with you more often. Bring them on !
If you believe in magic but also in real talk.
If you appreciate an honest voice or two.
if you love good music.


The MONKEY-Club has no age limits and is all inclusive.

Please know that me,  Katharina Oberlik,  can not  forsee or gurantee for nothing 
of what is going to happen in the Club.  

It is the Monkeys who are running the show and I do not have control over them. They follow their own wisdom ! 
But I promise full heartedly to help and do the best I can to make it a tasty, nourishing and interesting event


Priceless prices: 11.-  22.- 33.- 44.- 55.- or 88.- Euro
Send your donation here and lets create a Monkey-Club ! 

Send a email, with your payment-confirmation and recieve the link ♥

                                                                  DANKE ! ♥♥ Thank You !♥♥.  


Videos  here