The Most Important Questions

The most important questions
a project by Katharina Oberlik and Trinidad Martinez, Mai – June 2020
Link to the videos: the most important questions

While lockdown we had the honor to work and create in a interdisciplinary group of artists on the most important questions and how to connect artistically in the digital world.
Here are the most important questions

Session One
What is your favorite language ?
Do you get confused from speaking so many languages?
Which colour is your toungue ?
Do you want to sing ?
Are you there?
Do you enjoy cooking ?
Can you hear me?
Can you love me?
Do you enjoy listening ?
Wold you like to hug your mum ?
Would you like to hug your dad ?
Sound or silence ?

What ist your..
Are you married ?
Would you like ?
Are you married ?
Are you divorced ?
Are you honest with me ?
What is honesty ?
Do you think ?
Can you repeat your question ?
Can you repeat your question ?
Are you a pirot ?
Do you like more the big owls, or more the small white snow owls ?
Do you like to look into the eyes ?
Is it scary to make art ?
To make what ?
Is it scary not to make art?
What is art?
Can we make nothing ?
Where are you ?
When did you get up, today morning ?
When did you get up, today morning ?
Do you believe god or gods? Or both of them?
If one of your family members do some really bad thing, will you leave them?
How can you endure your family?

Session 2
What do I want to leave when I dy ?
What do you want to leave ?
What do you mean by leaving ?
What do you mean with dying ?
Are’nt we dying any moment ?
Are we alive?
How can we become more alive ?
Are you here ?
Am I listening to birds ?
What is life ?
Are the birds alive ?
Did you ever listen to a pirol ?
Where does the wind come from ?
Do you hear the wind or do you hear the leaves oft he trees ?
Where are you coming from ?
Where is this conversation happening ?
Why didn’t I say anything yet ?
Are you using your first impuls or your second impuls ?
Do you listen tot he silence ?
Can we try to inhibit our first, second third impulse ?
Should we ?
Are we not overthinking ?
Did you ever inhibit an impulse ?
How do you feel when you see this group ?
Can you repeat this ?
How do you feel when you see this group ?
Does a group need a presence ?
Why are you so kind ?
Did Ingo give you the right answer ?
What is it all about ?
Can you see me ?
Can you touch me ?
Is it me ?
Where are you Selu ?
Can we make love
Are we close or ?
Are we far away ?
Why is nobody outside ?
Can you feel the sand ?
Are you dreaeming ?
Do you also dream about escaping in another country, where ist always warm and sunny, but no tto dry, so the plants can still live ?
Are you here ?
Have you ever been to Mark Brandenburg?
Would you like a coffee ?
Do you need to pee ?
Do we need a break ?
Is it possible
Is time still money ?
At whom are you looking right now ?
Am I next to Katharina ?
Am I next to Trinidad ?
Am I next to myself ?
Am I ?
Did somebody loose herself ?
Till when ?
Should I find mysel?
Should I loose myself ?
Is it you ?
Can we triy it again ?
Is it worth trying ?
Is it me ?
Are you a monkey ?
Do you like monkeys ?
Would you like a coffee ?
Did we loose track ?
Do you like to swim
What is important ?
Do you like to swim next to somebody?
If you can transformt o an animal, which animal do you want ?
Did you ever fly ?
Would you like tob e a bee
Would you like to b e ?
Are you here ?
Do you see me ?
Can you hear me ?
Are you talking to me ?
Why do you wear the blindfold?
Can I smoke in this room ?
Who iss he ?
Is it like being a cat
Did you become two or what ?
Why are you separating yourself in 2 persons ?
Are you a ninja?
What is it worth to fight for ?
Can we smile ?
Am I allowed to be sad ?
Can we eat together
Is sadness the same off great ?
What do you listen too ?
Are you hungry ?
Are you ready to observe ?
What did you eat for breakfast.
Do you like to play ?

Session 3
What is a radical time-decision?
What do I want to leave, when I dy ? Do sensations, feelings, emotions have more value, when they have words?
Where are you coming from ?
Who are you ?
Where are you going too?
What is important ?
What makes you happy ?
What makes a difference ?
What tiype of persons do you don’t like ?
If you can transformt o animal, which animal do you want ?
Do you believe, heaven hell or the next life after dying ?
How am I feeling ?
Who is inside ?
Am I ?
What ist he role of art in our days ?
What is your priority in the day ?
What does the word love mean ?

Questions to organzize the process
How to let things happen and arise ?
How to happen ?
How to give space, so we get to know each other ?
havn’t you got enough space?
Did you ever try to work in a collaborative group ?
what does group mean in the virtuality ?
is it necesary to be present for being part of a group ?
How to avoid to much discussion ?
what dp words mean ?
How long is now ?
Why am I still awake 2:00 in the night ? Do you also work in the night ?
What is the diference between 2 and 3?
Why am I wasting my days, and start working in the night?
Can we waste a day?
Why do we need to sleep?
Where are you ?
Do you love ?
Are you diying?

this artistic research was sponsored by Hilfsfonds ‚Kunst kennt keinen Shutdown‘ by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung.